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The beginnings of Dove Park Church of God, goes back to the home based Bible study by three families in the Covington area led by Jack Dyer.  Over time that Friday night Bible study grew until it was not uncommon for thirty-five to fifty people to gather in one home every Friday night.  Occasionally, the gathering would go to the early morning hours.  While grown-ups studied it was not uncommon to find babies sleeping in bedrooms during these late meetings.
The Bible study was non-denominational and often included Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, and Episcopalian, agnostics, atheists and even Jehovah Witness.  Some listened and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior, while some left in anger and unbelief.  But those that remained became the foundation of a new church to be called Dove Park Church of God.

As the number of attendees continued to grow, the group moved to the unfinished upstairs area of another home, affectionately called “The Upper Room.”  It was during this time that Jack Dyer felt the call to do the Lord’s work and left his secular business.  He enlisted the help of the pastor of his church in Baton Rouge (Highland Park Church of God), J. B. Youngblood, to come deliver the word on Saturday nights.  Soon Warren Heck was leading the singing while his wife June played the piano.  With more new people coming it was soon evident that “The Upper Room” was not large enough.  The Church of God promised the loan of a double-wide trailer if there was a place to put it.  The hunt for a piece of land led to the acquisition of a three acre, heavily wooded parcel of land on Buras Ranch Road.  Three men volunteered to sign their names to the mortgage for this purchase.

After clearing some trees, the double-wide trailer was placed on the spot that later on would become the location of the parsonage.  After moving into the new building, Jack Dyer felt the call to become the new pastor.  And within a year a new education wing was added to the sanctuary.  There were several members whose expertise in various areas was instrumental in the growth of Dove Park.  Jack Dyer and Warren Heck led the construction; Hal Buras as a Certified Public Accountant saw to the financial side; and J. B. Youngblood used his talent as a bricklayer.  With the enthusiastic support of the rest of the congregation and friends, plus the power of prayer, the many problems and doubts were put to rest.

Eventually Jack Dyer (who had become an ordained minister) felt the call to the mission fields.  J. B. Youngblood returned and led the congregation for a short period of time. Warren Heck, who with his wife June, were enlisted by Jack Dyer to be the Christian Education Superintendents and Music Directors, had apprenticed under Brother Youngblood, and was unanimously voted to become the new pastor in 1979.

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